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Hi! Thanks for visiting Personal Touch Custom Rods. Unfortunately, we are down for the time being. Life in Kentucky didn't work out, so we moved again. We're now in the Reno, NV area and fairly well settled into a new house, job, etc. We WILL be here for the foreseeable future, as things are working out well here; not to mention we're tired of hopping around the country. I'm hoping to get the homepage revised and updated sometime this summer.

If you are an existing customer needing service or you are REALLY interested in contacting me for technical information or a quote, you may reach me via the following methods:

Work (775) 575-1423
Home (775) 626-3645

Work ""
Home ""

Thanks again for your interest, and for stopping in.

Jason Bowker
Personal Touch Custom Rods
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Personal Touch Custom Rods
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