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A good resource for information on Wisconsin lakes

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Wondering what it takes to build your own rods? Go to "Rod Building 101" at Manhattan Custom Tackle for the Best Overview on the Net.

You can't catch fish on a rod alone. Let Bass Pro Shops help you fill your tacklebox; you can order online, direct, with their secure online order processing.

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Check here for some of the best rates on travel on the net. Go to where the BIG fish are for less!

Let take you away to Lake Fork & Doug Moore; the best waters and the best guide for BIG bass
Doug Moore's Lake Fork Trophy Guide Service

Bad weather?? Can't fish?? Can't get away to somewhere you CAN fish?? How about escaping with a movie?? Here's the place to get what you want.....

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The Movie List:Comedies
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Spotlight on: Martin Scorsese
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Join Mulan, a young Chinese woman, as she disguises herself as a soldier to take her aging father's place in the imperial Army. Defending her home against the invading Huns, she is accompanied by her lucky cricket, Cri-Kee, and guardian dragon, Mushu, who lend a hand in the many adventures she encounters. In this, Disney's 36th animated film, awe-inspiring music and eye-popping animation combine to create a highly memorable experience.

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